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Pump Accessories

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Airbed Pump Valve Adaptor
Airbed Valve  

Standard Football Pump Needle
inflates footballs  

SKS Air Checker Duo Head Digital Pressure Gauge
Digital Pressure Gauge For Schrader and Presta Tube Illum...  
Multiple Pump Valve Adapter Set
Presta Shrader Connectors For Any Pump  

DB Presta Valve Pump Connector
Valuable Standard Pump Adaptor  
Airace Bracket for Smart  Mini Pump (AP-77C)
Airace Pump Spares  

Beto Hose for Pump (PUA204) SV/PV
Weldtite Woods / Presta Pump Connector
Connects standard cycle pump to the valve Simple screw on...  

Weldtite Schrader/Presta Pump Dual Connector
Universal fit Simple screw on design For use ...  
Universal Pump Valve Adaptor Set
3 Main Valves For Bikes and Footballs  

Oxford Digital Pressure Gauge
Large backlit display for easy reading in the dark Reads...  
DB Presta to Schrader Brass Valve Adaptor
Used to connect a Presta Pump to a Schrader Valve  

DB Schrader Valve Pump Connector
Great Shrader Adapter  
Schrader Type 90 Degree Bend Valve Extension (1 per Pack)
90 degree Band Valve Extension  

DB Schrader to Presta Brass Valve Adaptor
Connects a Shrader Pump to a Presta Valve  
DB Presta / Woods to Schrader Brass Valve Adaptor

Weldtite Metal  Valve Extensions
Weldtite Metal Valve Extensions  
Weldtite Adaptor Woods to Schrader
Weldtite Valve Spares  

SRAM Valve Extension 48mm Black
SRAM Valve Extension 48mm Black  
SRAM Valve Extension 72mm Black
Sram Road Wheels Valve Spares