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Etc... Solor Gel Lifestyle Ladies Saddle

Etc... Solor Gel Lifestyle Ladies Saddle

Product Code: moresa211

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  • RoyalGel polyurethane matrix gives this saddle some great properties
  • It distributes pressure to relieve the prostate/pubis area and the sit bone, and reduces pressure peaks by 40%
  • Provides great shock absorbtion
  • Does not break, harden or age
  • Under saddle elastomers are safe,silent, permanently non deformable and absorb vertical and horizontal shocks, the modern day equivalent to springs.
  • Xsenium thick cover for extra comfort
  • I.C.S. intergratted clip system for fitting a specific saddle bag
  • Standard size rails to fit any seatpost
  • Suitable for women
  • Suitable for slightly forward leaning seating geometry bike, basically any bike where you are leaning forward slightly eg hybrid or mountain bike

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