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Knog BOUNCER U-Lock 185mm x 35mm (13mm core) Black

Knog BOUNCER U-Lock 185mm x 35mm (13mm core) Black

Product Code: KL920BLK


The Knog Bouncer Lock is a great twist on the D Lock style with an impressive security rating of 80/100 and comes with 2x extra strong high security keys.

Hardened steel internal housing protects the lock mechanism from bolt cutter attacks whilst the plastic external housing which encases the entire mechanical assembly, eliminates leverage points making this handy little lock extremely difficult to break open.

Key Features:

  • Single-piece investment cast lock housing that forms a highly-secure mechanical assembly by reducing available points of leverage
  • Heat-treated specifically to create balance between hardness (cutting resistance) and toughness (for tensile and impact resistance)
  • The Bouncer is SOLD SECURE Bronze Rated
  • High security disk style lock barrel, designed for a minimum of 5000 key combinations
  • Each lock is provided with a unique code which is fully traceable through Knog if you ever lose your keys

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