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Cycle To Work Scheme

Your employer can buy bikes and cycle accessories from Discount Bicycles Limited under the Department for transport's Cycle to Work scheme.

Under this scheme, your employer can buy a brand new bicycle from us, loan it to you, and offer you the option to buy it through regular payments made directly from your wage packet.

There is a 100% VAT deduction on the purchase price, plus savings from income tax and NI contributions which means a massive saving of up to 50% for both you and your employer.

How to take advantage of the scheme:
1. Your employer needs to sign up for the cycle to work scheme at one of our scheme partners.
2. You then need to choose a bike, cycle helmet and cycling accessories from our website, by using the "Cycle to Work" option during checkout.
3. Once you have placed your order with us, please print out your order and give it to your employer.
4. Your employer will then need to go to the appropriate scheme website and fill out the simple online form to process your application.
5. The scheme partner will then invoice your employer and will send you a voucher to give to us.
6. Once we receive the voucher from you we will process your order, and either deliver the bike to your delivery address, or make it available for collection.
7. When you take delivery of the bike, your employer will make a small deduction from your salary over a period of time (12 or 18 months).

Please note, customer account discounts can not be applied to any Cycle to Work purchases.

Items purchased via this scheme can only be accepted at full RRP. It is the responsibility of the customer to request a full RRP quote from Discount Bicycles Prior to purchase if the full RRP priced item does not appear on our website. Regrettably if this condition is not met then a full RRP surcharge must be added at the point of customer collection.

Please note, Bike2work customers will be charged a surcharge of 5% of the order value to cover additional costs associated with this particular scheme.
Other Scheme customers will not incur any surcharge.

Goods purchased via the Cycle to Work Scheme are subject to availability on presentation of the voucher at the store. We strongly advise that you phone us a week before your collection date to ensure that the goods are available and ready for collection.

Please note, all Cycle to Work Scheme purchases are designed for free in store collection. We charge £19.99 for mainland delivery of Cycle to Work scheme orders.

Please note, promotional items such as accessory packs and tool kits are not provided with bicycles which are purchased under any cycle to work discount scheme.

Please contact us at customerservice@discountbicycles.co.uk or visit one of our partner websites for further details.

Our Current Scheme Partners
Our CycleScheme.co.uk Shop Code: DISCO002