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Bike Assembly Guide

In order to fit your bicycle into it's delivery box, we may have had to do one or more of the following; Remove front wheel, Remove pedals, adjust handlebars to 90 degree position, or remove handle bar from stem.

Below is a simple guide to help you reassemble your bike. Please note, all new bicycles require a period of bedding in. This means that all active nuts and bolts must be tightened regularly during the first 100 miles of use. This guide is not intended to replace your instruction manual. We strongly recommend that you purchase and study a bicycle maintenance manual to ensure years of fault free cycle maintenance.

Reinstall Front Wheel

To do this ensure that the quick release skewer is in the wheel axle. Position the wheel squarely in the fork jaws.

Hold one side of the quick release skewer, and turn the other end clockwise until finger tight.

Lock the skewer by pushing it up or down to secure the wheel

Finally push the two arms of the brake together and slot the metal section of the cable into the mount provided.

Reinstallation is extremely simple and should take no longer than 1 minute

Reinstall Pedals

The pedals are labelled L and R respectively on the end of the screw in thread. The Right and Left refer to the foot you would use.

Simply screw the pedals in by hand at first, and then tighten with a 15mm spanner..

Please ensure that you screw the pedal in squarely, and not at an odd angle. Do not force the pedal in.

Please note the right foot pedal screws in clockwise, and the left foot pedal screws in anti clock wise. It is vital that you insert the pedals by hand and only use a spanner to tighten the pedals when they are fully inserted. Not following this advice can prove to be very costly as you may accidentally re -cut a secondary thread in the crank arm. If in any doubt please call us on the number on our website.

Reinstallation is very simple and should take no longer than 1 minute.

Disc Brake Bedding-in Period

Please note, any owners of Disc brake bikes. Your brakes will make a scraping sound until fully bedded in. This is normal. Bedding in period should be about 6 hours of continuous use.

Set Cable Positions Please ensure that the brake and gear cables are running free, and are not wrapped awkwardly around the handlebars. This is extremely important as the brakes and gears will not operate correctly if incorrectly positioned and damage to the cables lever, and front brake calliper parts is likely to occur.

The top picture features cables correctly aligned. The lower picture features handlebars turned 270 degrees out of the carton rather than 90 degrees

Re-Adjust handlebar Stem to Correct Riding Position

Simply position the handlebars and forks to the correct riding position. Ensure that the forks are facing in the correct direction. If in doubt consult the picture of your bike on our website.

If your bike features an A-headset system, simply position the handle bars, and then tighten the bolts on the side of the stem with the tool provided. Do not tamper with the bolt on the top of he stem.

If your bike features a quill type stem, simply position the handlebars in the correct riding position, and tighten the bolt on the top of the stem with a 6mm Allen key tool.

Reinstallation is extremely simple and should take no longer than 1 minute